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Harry Whitewolf

Check Out Over 600 Ratings and Reviews of Harry's Books at Goodreads

Route Number 11: Argentina, Angels & Alcohol 11:11 phenomenon

“Quite simply, this is Kerouac for the 21st Century ladies & gentlemen.”


Whitewolf's magical mystery tale is part travel diary, part stream of consciousness playback, and part cryptic mindfuck. I loved the short, choppy sentences and paragraphs; they made for an addicting read.


“From the very first paragraph, I was wondering if Allen Ginsberg's spirit had risen from his grave and was sitting beside me to talk about his unusual trip to Argentina…Route no 11 is a whiff of fresh air in the much crowded space of travel writing.”

“Harry can write, there is no doubt about that.”

“Boy! I really hate this author (because) not long into starting this book I started to see 11s everywhere.”

The Road To Purification: Hustlers, Hassles & Hash

“If Rick Steves conducted a travelogue down the endlessly winding streets and alleys of Egypt with the help of Paul Bowles it still wouldn't be as insane as The Road To Purification.”


“It is an extremely original book; even the way he writes is highly original – as if he has invented a Joyceian language of his own.”


“If someone told you the plot of this (book), you might think it would be sort of tragic, a downer--Dread Dude, depressed from a breakup, impulsively splits for Egypt, feels uncomfortable cos he doesn't know where he is, is wary of a LOT of strangers, opts to spend much of his time in disgusting hotels alone smoking dope. The surprising thing is that Harry manages to make this all ---eh, Fun!! No really! It's a real page turner--I read it in two days!!”


“The descriptions and imagery conveyed gives the reader that proper heady feeling of being amongst the settings, the smells, the hustle and the hash.”


“If there's a NeoBeat movement at hand, let this great tale be its On the Road.”

New Beat Newbie Harry Whitewolf

“I liked these poems so much, I read them out to people.”


“These poems are like a big 660ml bottle of ice-cold lager on a summer’s day – the condensation running down the glass in rivulets as you savour the sharp, refreshing taste.”


“Until recently, poetry for me has always been buried under memories of cranky high school English teachers and terms of art that I could never understand. Far from the stuffy classics we all had shoved down our throats in class, Mr. Whitewolf’s poetry is not only insightful but vibrant and accessible.”


“Sometimes humorous and alliterative in style, this collection reminded me, in places of the utterings of the 1980s punk poet, John Cooper Clarke.”


“Liked it so much I bought the paperback as well as the ebook.”

Two Beat Newbie Harry Whitewolf

“The Indie poet laureate is back…This poetry could easily start a mosh pit.”


“How many times can you say the sequel is better than the original? Well this one is - better than New Beat Newbie which I also gave 5 stars.”


“These poems were written by a wordplay genius, a rhyming master and an all round top fella. Every one of these poems spoke to me in so many different ways. For this reason I'm glad to have invested in the paperback because, like the prequel New Beat Newbie, I intend to read these poems over and over and over until I eventually know them off by heart…I hope in the years to come more people discover Whitewolf because it's people like him who capture something about these times in unique, pure and everlasting ways.”


“I imagine ‘Two Beat Newbie’ to be a book that’s read at an Occupy London protest or a ‘Howl’ for the politically poetically inclined.”


“If New Beat Newbie was the appetizer, then why not just skip dinner and go straight to dessert with Two Beat Newbie? Harry rolled up New Beat Newbie into a sweet hash joint and smoked it into Two Beat Newbie and partied all night in Brighton.”

ReejecttIIon - a number two

“A great mix of outrageous short stories, reviews and cartoons from two very talented writers who compliment each other well - Whitewolf's craziness to Clausen's dry wit.”


“A humorous romp interspersed with witty cartoons, word games and laugh out loud stories that definitely entertain.”


“An eclectic mix of short stories, flash fiction, reviews, and anagrams that range wildly through absurd silliness, dark grittiness, and surreal fabulousness, switching styles with a suddenness that gives one the same pleasurable shock as diving into cold river water on a scorching hot day.”


“Whereas Clausen's writing is somewhat cerebral and darkly witty Whitewolf's writing is similar to what I think you'd get if Douglas Adams, George Orwell and Hunter S. Thompson had a matter transporter accident à la The Fly... in a good way. The juxtaposition works well and Mr. Wolf's amusing cartoons are the hundreds-and-thousands on the trifle.

“If you enjoy short story collections that have a nice, purposeful flow, this IS NOT the collection for you. If you have a slightly - or not so slightly - twisted and warped sense of humor you will love this collection. I am a fan of Clausen's and have read a few things by him already but this is my first taste of Harry Whitewolf and I can honestly say I enjoyed every bite.”


Propaganda Monkeys - Twenty Poems From My Twenties

“Harry is a rare talent who has helped to make ignorant people appreciate poetry and for that I can't thank him enough.”


“This short collection of poetry is often sad, sometimes funny, occasionally experimental, always intelligent and always deeply moving...I loved this collection and I'm sure I'll return to it many times.”


“I'm beginning to become a fan of Harry Whitewolf's work. His poetry is raw and inspired - playing with form and often breaking the conventions of poetry all together. The poems range from a witty couplet to longer more ballad like pieces. All with original and satirical commentary on major social movements.”

Matrix Visions

“I found this collection to be brutally clever and fun, while opening my eyes even further with each poem and each mirrored image. Those who understand the Matrix are sure to find this book alarmingly brilliant.”


“(The photographs) are perplexing to the say the least. They appear to show hidden symbols the elite are using in their logos, signs and political imagery to sway the subconscious minds of the masses via subliminal communication...
The hidden images Harry has exposed in the design of the Pentagon seem beyond coincidental... ”


“This is a very creative and unique approach in matrix/soul enslavement literature.”

"Forget everything you know and allow a different perspective to show you some things you have never seen (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say; never noticed). And enjoy the ride as you do."

“Harry Whitewolf is outta his goddamn MIND, yo. Straight-up offa his friggin' NUT, I tell ya! And trust me, that's a good thing.”

Rhyme and Rebellion
Award-winning Rhyme and Rebellion

"This is poetry that needs to be read by our generation. Question everything, be true to yourself, and unplug every once and a while."

"If I was to try to describe his poetry in one sentence I would say Lawrence Ferlinghetti by way of Che Guevara and Mos Def. Some might call his poetry political but I would call it socially sensible. There is a lot of anger in his words yet the overriding message is peace and equality."

"He's a confident writer and well clued-up to what's going on around him."

"I do enjoy an occasional Tech N9ne song and many of these pieces have that rapid fire hip hop rhyme scheme."


"I'd love to see Harry Whitewolf perform. On stage. His poetry, I mean. Because the works here clearly lend themselves to poetry slams, to rapping, to ranting. It would be a riot. Or the cause of one."

Buy Indie Poet on Amazon

"He exhibits a fully developed style that makes me think of Bukowski with a turntable."

"Whoa. I snagged the free kindle file while I could, but it was so good I might just have to buy a copy for my coffee table."

"This worked like a revitalizing shot in the arm for me."

"For me, poetry is all about the personal connection the words convey. So, I like Harrys work most when he gets upfront and personal. I think two poems in this collection standout as must reads ; 'Winter June ' and 'Look at what we built'... They are significant and personal expressions of poetry and authenticity."

"Whitewolf’s poetry defines a sense of rough and gritty urban masculinity."

Buy Indie Poet on Amazon

"This is in the top two of my personal Whitewolf countdown."

"Another cracking collection of in-your-face poetry from Harry Whitewolf, 'Underdogs Unite' takes a critical look at society and skewers it like a butterfly on a pin-board. 'Underdogs Unite' is like a punk album without the noise."

"Whitewolf's poetry is remarkable. He is blessed with the rare gift of satirical commentary and black humour that courses through all of his work. I didn't stop smiling the entire time. With a variety of forms, poetry length and techniques the poetry is diverse and entertaining, while shedding light on serious issues the world faces."


"...this collection is far longer than Harry’s previous releases and that is a majorly good thing, it’s like he has stepped up a level and is closer to the famous beat poets of the past...There is a lot of outrage in the political poems, I could easily see myself watching Harry stood on a stage or outside Downing street reciting into a megaphone whilst nodding my head in agreement."

"Harry's writing is a jazzy flow of emotions and empathy for the downtrodden."


"I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this book! The poems and paintings are incredible! ...Not that quality is something unusual for Harry but with it being 'early poems' , I had no real expectations. Fans will love this one!"

"The poems in this collection are exquisitely relatable to anyone who has battled their own demons of self-consciousness, anxiety and depression... The artwork included by the author is as compelling as his writing. I greatly enjoyed exploring this poet's early search for inspiration and self-confidence."

"Primordial Youth for me is more about the struggle to find meaning in a world that at times seems hostile and alien... Harry gives the reader an authentic window into the world of his younger self through this collection. The poems are presented on the paper they were written – spelling mistakes, rough changes, coffee (drink) stains, and maybe even tear stains are included." 

Broken Albion a Brexit book

"Fab collection from everyone's favorite wolf in a trilby."

"The King of irreverent but logical word play and political gut punch poetry is back, guys. I'm speaking of the Indie King ~ Harry Whitewolf ~ he's howling loud and proud... This collection, just like his others, will get your adrenaline pumping and inspire you to just fucking move. DO SOMETHING. Say something. Write something. Smash something!"

"I read it outloud to Husband. Timely, clever, funny and a whole lotta truth. Literature, poetry,'s how we'll stay sane and survive."

"A must read for anyone confused by Brexit!"

They're Making It Up As They Go Along

"These guys simply do not miss."

"Two of my favouritist authors in the world (are) Daniel Clausen, author of The Ghosts of Nagasaki which has been my number 1 book for many years now and Harry Whitewolf... who I consider to be the voice of my generation… I think the success behind this story is their unique humour and very different writing styles."

"Ever present is a shared appreciation for the silly side of the absurd and a mischievous deconstruction of the novel writing process."

"A very descriptive and funny journey from beginning to end."

The Gulag Village Green

"Timely, thought-provoking stuff. You don't have to agree with everything Whitewolf has to say in order to appreciate the form and substance of his arguments, to say nothing of the spirit obviously behind them."

"(Harry) is unafraid to address contemporary issues and in this book he combines his wit with his acerbic take on the mess of 2020 – the pandemic, the racial issues, protests, quarantine, police behavior, and political shenanigans – and in doing so provides not only a tome of entertainment, but a fine overview of this particular moment in time."

"I would love to see this book trending on Twitter, if anything stands a chance of taking down that platform it is this book. There is something to upset everybody in this book and the meltdown on twitter would be a site to behold. Harry may come across as Anti-mask, Anti-Lockdown and Anti-Vax but only in so far as he thinks we shouldn't become sheep and follow blindly those in charge, he wants you to look for the evidence before you condemn somebody for having an opinion, don't believe the media spin making out that anybody who is anti something is a lunatic."

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